Go for impact

Go for impact

We hung our Vietnamese Silk Lanterns in a row down the verandah of our house and while they looked attractive, they didn't have quite the impact we intended.

Hanging them as a group has created a more visually strong effect.

Here's how we did it:

Hang a grate from the ceiling. We used Matrix Wall Art from Bunnings.

Drill holes in the corners to hang from the ceiling:

Exotic Homewares Lanterns 1

Use wire to make hooks to hang the wall art. We used a wire clothes hanger:

Exotic homewares matrix screen bunnings

Hang the wall art from the ceiling ensuring it is level with a spirit level:

Exotic Homewares spirit level

Drill holes for positions to hang the lanterns from. Then use fishing wire to hang the lanterns:

Matrix fishing line tie

The lanterns are not heavy and we have had them up for a year through various wind storms. They are still in perfect condition, as the fishing line has been strong enough to withstand the wind.